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What to look for when hiring a basement remodeling company.

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Basement Contractor versus Basement Salesman

Make sure you pick the best basement contractor, not the best salesman!  There are salesman who make a living off of convincing homeowners that they are the best basement finishing contractor. This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but oftentimes these salesman focus strictly on sales tactics.  Once the salesman closes the deal, you never hear from them again and they pass your project along to the cheapest subcontractor.  Most contractors will sub out a certain aspects of your project to different tradesman.  However, you want to make sure that the company you hire will be performing most of the work in- house for the best finished basement.

Local contractor versus national basement system

We are a basement remodeling company based out of Milwaukee, WI and I am surprised by how many homeowners fall for the national basement system companies.  Don’t let the basement system guys scare you into an ugly, outdated finished basement.

A national basement company will focus on mold resistant products which is great. But the biggest drawback to these national companies is that they make their money pushing products that their national company manufacturers.  And these products are not always the best products available to use in your finished basement.

A local basement contractor will use the best products available for your basement because he makes his profit from labor and not the materials.  He will have no reason to push a certain product because the manufacturer of the materials does not change his bottom line.

Basement Finishing Pictures

Sometimes it is hard to imagine your finished basement.  You want to look at the contractor’s before and after pictures to give you a better ideas of what your basement may look like. Check out our finished basements and basement remodeling projects for inspiration